Until June 2008 we held a series of mediation sessions with the help of Muslim mediators in order to engage Muslim women and encourage them to take part in the creative workshops. After the first phase of mediation and engagement of the women interested in the “ReconcArt" project we began the creative workshop phase with Muslim and non-Muslim women, with a cycle of ten meetings. These took place in Casa di Ramia, a particular protected multi-ethnic place where the paritcipating women narrated their stories, talked about their families, their migration journeys confronting continuously important underlying themes such as their faith.
This cycle of the workshops gave way to a more theatrical character with meetings which were held in a theatre workshop based at Fondazione Aida. So what has emerged from the first phase of meetings with women has been re-elaborated using theatre techniques (voice use, improvisation, mimics, body languages etc…) that gave origin to striking moments of true Art. 
A wonderfully mixed group from various countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Brasil, Palestine and Italy made up the group of participants. Jamila, Najat,Susanna,Sandra,Rossella,Siham,Fatima Z., Huda Fatima,Samar, Tucci, Elena, Cinzia, Asmaa and Rosanna took part and facilitated these creative workshops. Take a look at the photos below.

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