From April to October 2008 we ran a series of creative workshops to explore issues that relate with the custom of hijab in Greece. The Greek workshops have been very popular among Muslim and non-Muslim women.
During each session participants used theatre exercises, improvisation, music, and movement as a means of finding common ground between women of different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. Week by week participants were guided to explore their identities, break down stereotypes, and deeply explore the meaning and significance of the hijab, as well as deal with themes such as belief, faith, fear, prayer, ritual and symbols, body image, and our perceptions of others.
The course also included photography, drawing, and poetry, as well as shared activities such as participating in each other’s religious expressions !
The last few weeks of the workshop focused on the women devising and writing their own theatrical monologues, leading to the creation of a final script for the theatrical performances.
The Greek workshops were led by actor and director Shirin Youssefian Maanian, with the assistance of actress/ director Athina Arseni under the aegis of the Hellenic Center of the International Theatre Institute.



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