Sofia - April 2008

 The 2nd transnational seminar of the project ‘Reconciliation Through art: Perceptions of Hijab’ took place in Sofia, on the 18th April 2008. The workshop was organised by Kiril Topalov, from Academy of Balkan Civilisation, at the University of St Clemens of Ohrid. Its purpose was to discuss different aspects of the hijab. The workshop consisted of papers presented by academics and students of Arabic studies. You can read the summary report or any of the five presentations  below:

  1.  'Hijab and the Iranian women' by Dr Ludmila Yaneva 
  2. 'The Mohammedan Bulgarians (Pomaks)’ by Dr Stoyan Raichevsky
  3. 'Hijab uses and misuses' by Dr Cvetana Hubenova
  4. ‘The hijab affair’ by Biliana Popova (student) 
  5. The hijab across the centuries by Stela Bratoeva (student) 
  6. ‘Fashion hijabs’ by Galia Gecheva (student)