Background & Aims

At a time when the Muslim custom of hijab (the headscarf worn by Muslim women) has caused considerable controversy in Europe and attracted much debate and media attention, ReconcArt attempts to explore the issues underlying the use of this symbolic garment as perceived by Muslim and non-Muslim women. Using a grassroots approach and a methodology based on self-expression through the performing arts, the project encourages women of different religious and cultural backgrounds to think, feel and act towards a reconciliation point based on mutual understanding. Additionally ReconcArt has the following objectives:

  • To promote networking between European and Muslim communities’ cultural organisations which share an interest in the debate surrounding the practice of Hijab.
  • To provide an "arena" for intercultural dialogue and artistic creation,
  • To improve the skills of cultural operators and of members of the public to identify, preserve and promote their distinctive heritage and use it for the benefit of social reconciliation and peace.
  • To attract as many citizens as possible from majority and minority social groups and especially women of the younger generations to become involved.