The project uses different routes to achieve its aims and sets in motion a variety of actions that a re common in the three participating countries. These include:
  • Background researchto identify the social, cultural and political aspects that underlie the use of Hijab by women in Europe, in order to identify the main themes that would guide the artistic expression
  • A series of creative expression workshops, bringing together a group of women in each country, including Muslim and non-Muslim ones, those that wear it and those that don’t, to express and debate their feelings and thoughts towards the practice of Hijab using different art forms under the guidance of a facilitator.
  • Production and public performance of a theatre play, based on the material collected and themes identified during the workshops, and performed by the workshop participants. A different version of this play will be presented in each country, based on the outcome of the creative workshops in this country.
  • An international cultural event including performances of the three different productions if the Greek, Italian and Bulgarian teams; a conference bringing together all those that participated in the project as well as members of the academic and artistic communities with an interest in this subject and all other interested individuals; and an exhibition of artworks inspired by the Hijab.
  • A publication featuring key findings of the research, material produced during the workshops and production of the plays aiming to promote and disseminate the results of the project.