AIDA Foundation (Italy) presents:

“Hijab. The border, women voices and glances between the hidden and the sacred world of the veil”

The new theater production of Fondazione Aida “Hijab-The border, women voices and glances between hidden and sacred world of the veil” presents a cast of artists that consistes of women from Palestine, Morocco, Brazil, Italy and Algeria, with the contribution of two professional actresses. The play is focused on seven women, who represent all these women that took part in the workshops of ReconcArt and is an example of Cultural Mediation, it indicates that Art can raise various questions about the nature of the borders and the changes in their perception, beginning from the border that each of us has inside of him/ her.
The women have defined Hijab as: limit, intimity, identity, diversity, wall, border. The scenes of the play represent glances of women and of the whole world. Those glances offer hospitality or keep us away, are forbidden or sought, glances beyond the border. Glances, that oblige us to look inside us.
A play that host the voice in different forms: sounds, poetic battles, songs, chatter, tales and different translations in several languages.
Writers: Susanna Bissoli, Letizia Quintavalla, Gabriel Maria Sala, Rosanna Sfragara
Director: Letizia Quintavalla
Actors: Susanna Bissoli, Jamila Chtioui, Batul Hanife, Saliha Samar Oukazi, Najat Rezki, Tutti Shieber, Rosanna Sfragara
Scientific editing: Gabriel Maria Sala
Assistant Director: Irene Fioravante
Lights: Massimo Consoli
Costumes: Sonia Mirandola
Technician: Mattia Cobbe
Production Management: Roberto Terribile, Meri Malaguti
Administrative Office: Elena Spola
Press Office: Lara Trivellin
The play is presented in Italian. The Italian script of the play can be found here. The translation of the play in Greek is available here and English is available here.
The play was presented in Greece on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th May 2009, in Athinais
"Hijab-The border, women voices and glances between hidden and sacred world of the veil" was presented in Italy on the:
8- 9 May Filippini Theater in Verona,
19th June Festival Europeo del Theatro dr Scena ed Urbano in Mantova,
18- 19 July Festival delle Orestiadi in Gibellina Sicily,
25th September Spazio Mil in Sesto San Giovanni (Milano),
24th October XV Anniversario dell' Associazione Eva in Brescia