Alekton (Greece) presents:

Hijab Frappé tells the story of three women living in Athens today. Azadeh, an immigrant recently arrived from Iran; Mary, a Greek Orthodox mother of two; and Anna, a Greek woman who has chosen to convert to Islam.
What happens when they meet? Who is finally oppressed and who is really free?
Hijab Frappé is the outcome of a six-month theatre workshop with 15 women participants, aged 14 to 60. Their backgrounds include Greek, Turkish, Pakistani, Iranian, Moroccan, Afghani, Yemeni and British. Their religions: Christian, Muslim, Bahá'í ….and atheist. Some women were professional actors, some had never acted before.
The play was based on the experience of all women who took part in the workshops of ReconcArt.

Script editing: Shirin Youssefian Maanian and Athina Arseni
Direction: Shirin Youssefian Maanian
Assistant Director: Athina Arseni
Actors: Sofia Liakou, Maria Tzimou, Anna Makri, Agky Kontou, Christina Mabger, Habiba Srij, Cleopatra Katsaragaki, Panagiota- Melia Pouri, Stella Mari
Lighting Design: Anna Sotrini
Set design: Shirin Youssefian Maanian
Video and Photography: Cassi Moghan
Publicity photography: Vishy Moghan
Musical Arrangement: Karen Solomon
Costume Design and maker: Xanthie Tavoularea
Lighting and sound technician: Haris Dallas
Alekton Production
This play is presented in Greek. The text of the play in Greek is available here and in English is available here.

Hijab Frappé is dedicated to Táhirih, the 19th century Persian poetess and mystic. Challenging the religious fundamentalism in Iran at that time, she appeared in public completely unveiled, declaring the coming of a new age of equality and enlightenment. Her last words before she was executed were “You can kill me … but you cannot stop the emancipation of women!”
Hijab Frappe was presented to the audience on Friday 7th until Sunday 10th May 2009 in Theater Alekton; and Friday 15th and Saturday 16th May 2009 in Athinais Cultural Centre