The Academy of Balkan Civilization (Bulgaria)

“Hijab under the sun”
The theatrical play brings us closer to the lives and the tragic luck of five students in a European university. Three of them are Muslims, one Christian and one Jewess. The girls are involved in a discussion on the topic “what is Hijab”- is it an essential part of the clothing of women in the East protecting them from the sun, regardless of religion, or is it a provocative symbol of the extremist (or at least conservative) Islam?
In parallel to the intellectual discussions of the educated girls, the tragic story of their brothers and beloved boyfriends is unveiled at the front line of an open war.
At the end, the two stories are merging in a tragic end, so that we can understand that being a good Christian, Muslim or Jewess, depends on your moral and your compassion- because in the end, the sun belongs to everyone.

Writer: Kiril Topalov
Director: Nina Berova
Actors: Suad Ali, Stela Bratoeva, Sadika Nuri, Galia Getseva, Aleksandra Hristova
Stage design and costums: Biliana Popova
Stage lighting: Angel Donchev
Stage director: Nikolai Vasilev
Sound: Bojidar Kabakchiev
Greek translation of the play and supertitles: Eleni Feggoudaki

The play is presented in the Bulgarian language with Greek supertitles. For the Bulgarian play click here.

The translation of the entire play in Greek is attached here and in English is attached here.

The play was presented in Athens, Greece on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th May 2009, Athinais. It was aslo presented in the Centre of Eastern Studies at "St Kliment Ohridski" in Sofia on the 11th and 12 May, and on the 28th and 30th May at the American College and the Art College in Sofia.